Jul 082020

Hi all,

Match reports from Round 2 below. Well done to the D’s who made it 2/2 wins. Tough weekend for the other teams. Lets’ bounce back this weekend Rangers.

A’s v Pulteney OS: 4-2 loss (Report by D. Gramazio).
⚽️: A. Panousakis (2)

Our confidence was as high as our hopes for a win, and rightfully so looking at the quality in the starting eleven. Every position being filled by genuine quality – the 2004 Young Short Model of the Year was on the bench for heaven’s sake.

The first half produced a flurry of chances for the good guys, narrow offside rulings going against us hurting quite a lot. Watching on made me think of Pulteney as a really low quality, extremely compact Burnley facing the wrath of a side such as Man City, with 378 chances to 0 it felt like we should’ve had a few. Fake Burnley didn’t make many chances, but when they did boot it long after being more compact than a 1992 Toyota Corolla, they took their (shitty) opportunities. 2-0 didn’t feel right heading into the second half, and there was definitely work to be done.

Fake Burnley kept with their lame excuse for a game plan, effective as it was proving to be, and we created a few more chances but nothing came of it. We won a penalty, Anthony picked his spot but Young Agile Overweight Keeper of the Year had other ideas. Saved. Encroaching? Retaken. Saved.

Down the other end it went and Carl must’ve seen red as he two foot slid a bloke who was nearer to the corner flag than he was the goals, resulting in a penalty which they put away with relative ease. Something clicked, albeit late in the game, and we decided to start playing some gorgeous football. Swift passing moves, flicks behind our legs, combos through the middle and Aristos slams one into the back of the net. Am I blind or is this a comeback? It was not a comeback.

We won another penalty, this time Aristos plopping the ball past Young Agile overweight Keeper of the Year, though credit where it’s due he got fingertips to it.

Our Irish talisman (O’Neil) scored a scrappy header but it turns out he’d elbowed three of their blokes in the back of the head to actually find his own space and hence was disallowed.

In a relatively hard to follow match report, I summarise that we lost 4-2, and should’ve done a whole fucking lot better. Hopefully we take some things away from this game, remembering that just because our team looks to be the best on paper, doesn’t mean we will shit out good results. We still have to work for them, even against Fake Burnley.

B’s v Pulteney OS: 1-0 loss (Report by K. Watson-Tran).

Second game of the season.
The plan, continue where we left off last week.
Play good football and win.

It was a bright start to the game, we were dominating possession and creating chances. Pulteney were content to take a leaf out of Sean Dyche’s playbook. The tactics, 1 depth, drop back.

Unfortunately for us, a mistake in transition, a quick break for Pulteney and goal. within 15 minutes and we were behind.

Following, Pulteney went into full rat mode. For the remaining 75 minutes, Pulteney attempted to waste time at every opportunity, the referee oblivious. One of the rats thought it wouldn’t be obvious time wasting to untie both shoes and retie them, the referee agreed.

But I digress, after the goal we continued to attack. However, we were wasteful and squandered several chances. Matt Evans was booked for a soft foul where the keeper dived at his feet and was injured for a brief 2 seconds. At the restart we were still quite flat for a team chasing the game.

Despite dominating possession, we were unable to create chances, bereft of ideas. FRUSTRATING!!!

Adding salt to the wound, Finn injured his hand and was unable to continue. Thomas Theodoulou took one for the team, donning the gloves and saving a one on one opportunity as well as pressuring the opposition striker into a mistake in another late in the game.

I too was booked late in the game despite getting the ball from my tackle and getting stepped on by the opposition player. It seems that if you pretend to get injured and scream, decisions will go your way. Despite chances late in the game, we were unable to put the ball in the back of the net and the final whistle blew at a final score of a 1-0 loss.

C’s v Pembroke OS: 6-0 loss (Report by H. Mart)

A disappointing game well summarised by a disappointing score line. 

A 1pm kickoff saw a decent start for Unley. The first half definitely showed some promise with a lot of attacking opportunities from both teams. We definitely maintained good possession for the duration of the first half and generated a lot of opportunities going forward. Good intensity and a great defensive effort resulted in a 0-0 score line at half time. Going into the second half it was definitely a tough contest and could have gone either way. 

Unfortunately, this intensity didn’t continue through the second 45 minutes. A Pembroke free kick saw the first of many goals in the second half. A few more goals and an unfortunate red card left us down to ten men and on the wrong end of a tough score line. Unley showed some resistance but ultimately Pembroke played around us and out ran us. The final score was a 6-0 loss for Unley. 

Obviously not a massively positive result and there is definitely plenty for us to work on. That being said it is only early in the season and we can only get better from here. Optimistic for the season ahead. 

Man of the match performance from Troy. Great defensive effort throughout.

D’s v Pembroke OS: 1-6 win (Report by A. Abarno )
⚽️: J. Rochford (4), D. Koch & S. Goss

My match report begins with my drive to Park 17 into enemy territory. I was pondering to myself on how my second match for the mighty Rangers was going to go as I thoroughly enjoyed my debut last week vs Barker. Upon arrival I was greeted by our coach for the day Leigh and the usually upbeat 5’s lads who were keen for a good kick about. When selecting our jersey’s we had the convo with Steve who is new to the sport about the “high expectation” there is around the numbers 10, 9 and 7 based on the current and past professional players. I chose number 16 explaining to the lads that I could “fly under the radar” with this number which is exactly what I like to do. Prior to the match commencing we did our usual rondo and dynamic warm ups along with Leigh explaining our team tactics for the day. He put us in the Cooksey special or also known as the 4-2-3-1 with myself lining up in left back. As the kick off got closer my usual pre match nerves settled in but I knew that based on our pre-match preparation that we were fired up and ready to go!

The match kicked off and we looked dominant early as we were controlling the majority of the play and we restricted Pembroke to playing the aerial long ball to a somewhat empty forward line. Around 10 minutes in Jesse got slipped via a nice pass by Rich (I think it was) which allowed him to slide a goal into the far corner, 1-0 to the mighty rangers. As the half ticked along we kept hammering Pembroke with extreme pressure in our attacking half which led our second goal when the ball was headed out from a cross which landed at Leigh’s feet who played a short pass to Deniz resulting in a shot in which their keeper spilled the ball into the net, 2-0 to Rangers.

After our second goal went in Pembroke started to wake up a little as they were starting to threaten with a few lower through balls but as a backline we (Paul, Pete, Simon and myself) adapted our game and were reading them beautifully. The third goal (in which I can’t remember the build-up) was Yog turning and hitting a sweet long shot which cannoned off of the crossbar only to find the path of Jesse who finished for this 2nd goal of the day. This goal you could tell really deflated Pembroke as their heads went down, 3-0 to us! As there were 3 goals you would assume not much more action could happen for the rest of the half…well guess again the fun didn’t stop there.

Our fourth goal came from a nice overlapping run from myself in left back. I got onto a nice wide ball and zipped past my defender crossing it low on my left foot and finding Steve at the back post where he smashed it in for a goal. Steve scored his debut goal for the club and you better believe the lads got around him. I felt humbled and honoured to be the provider for that great milestone!

Just as we hit our top gear Pembroke managed to claw a goal back when we miss judged a through ball which allowed for their striker to cross it into their winger for an easy tap in at the back post. I felt so annoyed for allowing my direct opponent to score which gave them some hope that they could claw their way back in to which rounded off an eventful half at 4-1. Heading into the second half I knew that if we could weather off their storm in the first 10-15 we would come home with the 3 points.

The second half was a much more standard so to speak as we were already up we could feel comfortable and settle in quicker than Pembroke. As the half got deeper and Pembroke were committing numbers forward we would always find easy balls into the striker and wingers resulting in a penalty to Jesse who got clipped just inside the box. He dispatched his penalty with calmness giving us a 5-1 lead. As we were nearing the end of the game I knew our job was complete but the bonus was that we were able to put the icing on the cake with another long ground ball into Jesse who ran onto the end of it and slotted it bottom corner, he ended on 4 goals for the day and a 6-1 final result for us.

After two big wins and being able to belt out the song post-match, I am now starting to find my place in this team and our clubs great culture… Come on you Rangers!