Jun 012018


Match report below from League Round 6

Immanuel (1A) v Unley (1A) – No Report
Result: 3-2 Loss
Scorer(s): Aaron Matiscsak & Michael Manou

Immanuel (1B) v Unley (1B) – No Report
Result: 7-2 Loss
Scorer(s): Charlie Kastrappi & Jordon Simmons

Immanuel (4) v Unley (4) – Report by Aaron Tomlinson
Result: 2-3 Win
Scorer(s): Brenton Howe, Ben Green Sr & Clayton Parks

Playing Immanuel at home we knew it was going to be a tough game to win for the rangers. The first half got underway and we started to string together some nice passes and had a few early chances. We couldn’t convert any of the chances unfortunately, one being deflected from the keeper on a tight angle. This followed by several corner chances we were unable to capitalise on. Immanuel started to press and gain possession on the ball. Working their way down the wings to find space and releasing a long ball for their attackers to run onto. Not too long after Immanuel were able to find space and put away their first goal. After gaining a confidence boost from the first goal Immanuel started to press even more and put away another quick goal from around the box before the first half came to a close.

Although we were 2-0 down at the half time break we all knew the game wasn’t over yet. Listening to an inspiring half time talk the Rangers stepped on the pitch for the second half eager to get on the scoreboard. The second half got underway and we started to take control of the game. Pressing deep and having possession of the ball we started to work our way down the field and soon after got on the scoreboard with Howe putting in a nice goal. At this stage we were a totally different team, Immanuel dropped their intensity and we looked to score our second. After a few clean passes and a good ball in Green was able to put away our second goal. The score being 2-2 we weren’t stopping yet and kept pressing trying to get that winning goal. As the time was winding down to a close Kharel put in a cross and Parks put it in the back of the net to secure the win. It wasn’t long after the whistle blew and we knew we had done it and secured the win for the rangers with an almighty come back.

Immanuel (5) v Unley (5) – Report by Misha Prichard
Result: 6-1 Loss
Scorer(s): Warwick Deller-Coombs

There aren’t many better ways to start a match than donning the freshly worn strips of a team who battled from 2-0 down to emerge victorious. The slowly drying sweat exuding the sweet smell of victory and an old cologne aged in a sports bag for more than a decade.

In addition to the strips, our game share many similarities with the 4s game. The venue, the match ball and many of the opposition players. At half time we were also 2-0 down and eager to demonstrate our own ability to come from behind for a victory. Judging by that first half we had every chance. We’d put Immanuel under pressure and almost sneaked an early goal. Our defence had held well and the 2 goals we had conceded were more a matter of poor fortune than any real threat from Immanuel.

Unfortunately, our second half did not follow the plot of the 4s game, despite our best efforts. We pushed up and put Immanuel under greater pressure for much of the half only to watch the ball ricochet off players and posts in the penalty box instead of going in the goal. At some point we scored a well-deserved goal (congrats Waz) only to have Immanuel steal one back minutes later. And in the last 20-30min our forward momentum, and Immanuel’s forward pace got the better of us and we conceded a number of times on the break.

Overall the game felt much more competitive than the score line suggests and the 5s demonstrated an ongoing willingness to get stuck in and fight for the ball for the full 90 minutes.

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