Aug 312018

A mate, a leader and mentor.

These are the traits that come to mind about Porter.

From the first day I arrived at the Rangers, I have followed in Porter’s footsteps. Whether it’s joining him on the Committee, or putting on a pair of gloves and playing between the sticks. His passion and dedication have made me want to be part of this Club.

As I have grown to love the Rangers over the years and taken on a leadership role, Porter has provided me valuable advice along the way, two of them being;
– Life should always comes first, the Rangers will always be here.
– The Rangers never turns away a player regardless of their ability, background or size of the playing group.

Pure class that will always ring true and I endeavour to pass onto the committee, coaches and players.

One of my first memories of Porter was back in 2008 when I barely knew him. I was running the line (Unley v PAC) in the Cup QF at Ranger Park. We were 1-0 up with about 10 minutes to go. PAC had the ball, moving it down the by-line. The PAC player soon ran out of space, reaching the end of the field. Porter appealed to the referee that the ball had gone out of play (I couldn’t see the ball due to the number of players in the way) – PAC squared the ball and scored (1-1). The look Porter shot at me was one of a killer (to put it mildly). Luckily, the Rangers scored during extra time (2-1 FT) and my life was spared.

Later that day at the TA, Porter shouted me a drink and discuss the goals and all things Rangers. Unley would later go on to win the Cup for first time in Club history.

Over the years, Porter has rightfully earned a number of accolades for his service.
– 3 x Dino Mancini Award
– 3 x Div. 2 Premiership Player
– 1 of only eight players to have played for all six Ranger teams.
– 1 x Drink on Regardless (handling the football pretty much on the half way line).
– 1 x Red Card (two yellows) – yep, that’s right, Porter has miraculously only been sent off once in the last decade. Pretty impressive considering the smack he gives to other players and referees before/during/after a game.
– Life Member Inductee (2017)

This year I thought Porter might take a back seat after three years as Vice-President, and six years as President. However, you can’t keep a bloke that love the Rangers more than I do away from the Club for too long. This year, he’s the most capped player – volunteering to play 180 minutes of football pretty much each week. Outstanding.

I’m honoured to be the one to hand over the coveted 300 game white polo to a bloke that has lead by example since day one.

Congratulations mate!
– Roshan

Words by Daniel Hoefel

Well what can you say about a man who had dedicated a large majority of his adult life both on and off the field to this great club…..other than you are a bloody legend mate! I’ve had the pleasure of playing on field with Porter for many years now and without doubt he is the most fearless and competitive goal keeper (and player for that matter) that the club has seen. Weather its coming back from a broken leg that would have ended the careers of most others, flying out from corners to crack the ribs of both friend and foe, or saving the club’s bacon by playing multiple double ups across grades, his on field dedication and keeping ability is held in the highest regard.

Off the field, Porter has dedicated more than most others over the journey of this club. His time as President took the club to new levels and opportunities. He led the club during that time with both courage and dedication, both of which are traits synonymous with the great man. His commitment and dedication for so many years has been critical to the success of the club, and it is no surprise that he bleeds blue!

Congratulations for the 300 games mate! And thank you for you’re on and off field leadership of this club for so many years! Go well!

– Doffa

Words by Steve Pipicella

Being the lonely soul who tallies the statistics of you mongs every week, I routinely get to the Div 4s and have the exact same thought. The majority of these blokes have played a f***load of football at this joint. At one point in 2018, the 15 blokes on the team-sheet had played a collective 3,354 games. Averaging a paltry 220 or so per man, which is truly ridiculous. Apples, Stor and Wiz have been playing at this joint longer than some of you blokes have been alive. And this man has certainly played his portion. And the guy next to hims portion. He becomes only the fourth to get to the magic 300 mark and while he joins those other pretty big names in the Ranger family, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind having the company of the best player thus far to reach the mark.

The man has done it in record time too – a full 3 seasons faster than the other Ranger legends. Being a rare commodity of a stick man who can actually catch, he’s seen his fair share of 2 games in one day (and the odd triple) and given he’s lived overseas, broken his leg while on duty (insert bedpan comedy gold here) and nailed 6 years as president it’s a pretty remarkable effort to bring up 300 in ‘only’ his 16th season. And at the ripe young age of 34, he almost brings it up in the best form of his ranger career with the Div 4s having only conceded 10 goals in 16 matches to date… and we can definitely put Apples on the hook for at least a couple of those. The Rangers have indeed been blessed over the journey with a couple of top shelf keepers and both he and Mr Ortlepp could have very easily continued their careers at a higher level.

His highlights in my hazy memory include:
– the cup semi-final in 2008 where the nickname fingers was sprouted (following the consumption of a bottle of Canadian club by a couple of the local booze hags at SAWSA)
– a part of the genius group who introduced the ‘towel’ to Rangerfest
– scoring an anonymous penalty against Uni Black which was trickled into an empty net. 298 games, 1 goal (Or one in every 0.003355705 outings)
– getting sent off for looking at a referee
– volunteered to remove a tooth for the greater good of the Windsor Gardens FC
– hasn’t broken Richo’s jaw
– hasn’t broken my car window
– has caught the ball 15 yards outside the penalty area

And that’s what the Rangers have always been about. Getting together with your mates and getting it done collectively – both on and off the field. And off the field Porter is pretty much up there with the top couple when considering time volunteered and ranks among the elite for most service the club has seen. 298 games, six years as president, a further four on the committee and three Dino Mancini Shields (which is a service award for volunteering for y’all new kents). During his time as president the ship was sailed smoothly, at times in high winds which enhanced the man as a leader and an all-round human, while setting a high benchmark for his successors to aim for. He’s hosted 1000 quiz nights, 592 preso nights, pulled up and re-laid astro turf 43 times and attended 9,781 other club functions. All the items checked off the list have been in conjunction with the expert assistance of the incredible Kym, Hedy, Dean (and that other kid, the one with the wet salada biscuits for knees) and Jules who’ve spent countless Saturday’s in the pi$$ing rain and scorching heat at numerous venues across the state (Barker… sigh) and supported him over his 16 years at Ranger Park.

As a mate, there are a stack of blokes who are fortunate to be able to call on the man when needed. While he might need a little more finasteride in his diet of late, he’s the first bloke to join you for a beer if you ever need a chat, the first bloke to get on the front foot an organise an event so other blokes can have a good time and without fail the first bloke to sleep on an arm chair in a hotel hallway on therare occasion you pull a bird. Incredibly selfless.

Privileged to call him a mate over the past 20 odd years and barely a better bloke I’ve met at the Rangers over the journey (apart from Aussie, but that’s just a given). And realistically, we’re both probably responsible for the unbridled, utter shambolic mess that is Braden Payne. So we’ve got that going for us.

– Pip

Words by Jeremy Appleton

I have said so much about Daniel over the years, he took over from me as President of this great club. He was the 1st non founding leader, which is founding in it’s own rights. He was the only target of mine and I was so happy he chose to lead the club on and off the field.

Fair to say the superlatives have come thick and fast over the 21 years I have known Ports and certainly over the past 8 – 10 years in which he has had a massive influence on the Unley Rangers.
So rather than repeat all of those superlatives, I thought a simple acronym would suffice and people can read into it what they may. If you get anything out of it….. please let it be that we need more people like Daniel Porter in the world and certainly in voluntary administrative positions in sport and our community. 
First name on field, last name off field:

The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.

Ports you know what you mean to me and more importantly my family!!! I hope others at the Rangers get that love and support through friendship.

– Apples

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  1. Wonderful words all

    Been a pleasure to be part of your club and your team this year mate.

    Congrats on your 300. Bag another top class save or three this weekend to celebrate.

  2. Epic achievement and great words by all – it’s easy to write such great things about someone who has done it all, and with such high quality.
    Congrats again, go well this weekend!

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