Aug 302018

Our very own Turkish import will reached 100 games this weekend – Congratulations Deniz!

Words by Ryan ‘Elvis’ Ingram

Deniz – As handsome as he is angry!

I have had the pleasure of playing with the Sultan of Turkey for 5 odd years and in that time he has provided me with many memorable moments, on and off the field.
Deniz will often be seen running around like a mad man, yelling inaudible english (something about triangles??) and abusing opposition players and referees. He has done a few dubious things in his time but he always plays hard and with a lot of passion, he’s a bloke I would certainly rather play with than against. That includes training where he has been known to take a few players out to secure his position in the squad!
On the pitch, I wouldn’t want to pick a fight with him but off the pitch you wouldn’t meet a nicer bloke, he once offered to give the topless waitresses from the FA Cup night a ride home, even though it was completely out of his way! What a guy!
Deniz has been very generous over his years at the Rangers, organising towels (very good quality!) for the club at no cost and is always the first to donate prizes for events. I reckon nearly every ranger probably has a set of sheets or towels from Deniz! He is also always willing to help out a fellow ranger any way he can.
Im not sure how ethical his factories are, or if he really traffics humans or not but to me hes a bloody good bloke and i am proud to count him as a friend and a team mate.

Go well this weekend Deniz, here’s to not getting sent off, scoring a miss kick and bagging 3 points for the Rangers!!

Love Elvis

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  1. gelecegi açık bir amca görüyorum futbol hayatında başarılar (:

  2. Gençliğindeki performansına göre kendisini çok geliştirdi, Azmi,çalışkanlığı ve takımın önemli bir parçası olmasından dolayı her türlü takdiri hak ediyor…
    başarılarının devamını diliyorum…

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