Sep 072018

Congratulations Daniel ‘Doffa’ Hoefel who plays 250 Games for the Rangers this weekend!

Words by Roshan Wilson

The incredible hulk reaches 250 games for the mighty Rangers.

A founding member of the Club, a Club Secretary (four years) and is the only Ranger to be part of all six Premierships and two Cup Championship runs – Hoefel has cemented himself in Club history!

On field, when you have team mates next like Hoefel, you know any mess you make will be cleaned up. If any opponent (such as the Cardijn pubescent citing ‘come on old man’ last season), crosses his path, you know that opponent is going to be on the floor, in a world of pain, and the ball swiftly in Ranger possession – hard but fair.

Hoefel is loyal, reliable and fiercely competitive. Traits you want to see in all Rangers when playing.

When I was first asked to be Committee, he encouraged me to contribute ideas and apply for the Club Secretary. He leads by example and has guided me to be a better player and Club member often proving a sounding board to ensure the Club is moving in the right direction.

The Club simple wouldn’t exist without his passion and devotion over the years. The foundation he has set is the reason why member’s today enjoy playing in blue.

It’s fantastic to see him still involved on game day and seeing his two sons running around at Ranger Park in their father’s footsteps.

Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and defending the badge for all these years. Good luck in your 250 games mate.

Words by Daniel Porter

1 man, 656 muscles, 43 shoulder dislocations. If you can’t dodge a wrench, you can’t dodge a ball.

Arguably the quickest bloke at the club over 20 metres, Daniel Hoefel has been at the Rangers since day 1 and an integral part of the fabric of the place. Doffa is one of only two players to have been part of all six of the club’s premierships and one of three to have been involved in both winning Cup sides. Not bad for a bloke with one shoulder.

Throw in 8 years on the committee (4 as secretary) and you’ve got just about one of the best Rangers of all time.

A terrifying defender to play against, Doffa has always used his speed and strength in the backlines to scare the bejeezus out of the opposition and if that didn’t work, deliver a crunching tackle to win the ball. Only 4 blokes have played more a-grade than Doffa, a testament to his quality and consistency as a footballer. But don’t be fooled into thinking he is just a defender – Hoefel famously scored the equaliser in 2008 at home to win the league against Ross & Trevor, although some will say the ball just him and went in. In fact, during his career at the Rangers, the ball has hit Daniel and gone in 11 times.

He’s a terrific mate, an annoyingly good human and someone you definitely want on your team and not against you. To notch up 250 games after the shoulder injuries he has faced is some effort. Go well asshole.

Words by Austin Brandon

Doffa is an integral part of what Unley rangers is and stands for and it makes sense seeing as though he has been there from the start.

Smart and powerful , he has played may roles at the club from executive committee member, fundraiser and div 1 player. He is kind of like the furniture and when I say furniture I mean like a fridge or a wardrobe cause they are the shape of his frame, biceps the diameter or trees – this is probably the reason the doors ( I mean, arms) had to be put back on the hinges so many time by the doctor.

Doffa is the kind of bloke you want on your team. Cool under pressure but if the ball didn’t fall his way was happy to get his body behind it. I watched him for many games from the bench it was an amazing spectacle to see the opposition get frustrated as Doffa was never one to step down, because he always had a card in his back pocket – a fricken black belt. I always kinda hoped for him to pull it out but his coolness under pressure was one of his best attributes.

Great in defence, composed distribution and eagerness to succeed has rewarded him, with plenty of success at the club across all grades. It has been a pleasure to have someone at the club who has had the intellect and passion to drive the club to where it is today and it has been a pleasure to play with you throughout the years.

Congratulations on 250 games!

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