Sep 072018

Congratulations Ben Murphy who plays 50 Games for the Rangers this weekend!

Words by Warwick Deller-Coomb

Well it took me 3 or 4 years of nagging to get Ben (aka Murphs aka the big giraffe aka stinky ben) out to play football – but I’m glad I did!

Ben has some back issues that mean he was in pain and stiff as a board in the early days – but he persisted and pushed through it. I think the pilates helped mate!

Ben is a natural CB with a hoofing clearance kick and is head and shoulders above most to win those headers in crucial challenges. He’s also not afraid to put his body in for the challenge.

He also put his noggin to good use at the other end of the park scoring his first goal earlier this season with a ‘kenners esq’ header slamming into the back of the net. Hopefully a few more of those to come binga!

Ben is a top bloke on and off the park even if he tried to celebrate his own calculated 50th match a couple weeks ago…!

Congrats on 50 games mate, here’s to the next 50. Get around him!

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