Sep 072018

Congratulations Jordan Simmons who plays 50 Games for the Rangers this weekend!

Words by his brother Adam Simmons

“Surely I’ve played 50 games. How’d you get there first? Who even counts it? I reckon they’ve forgot. Maybe they’ve put your name down instead of mine?”

The human sprinkler has been crying out for a recount.

Well on Saturday he will finally hit the 50 mark. Raise the bat son!

We joined the club together so that we could see each other on the regular. Unley was the sweet spot between Hallet Cove and Mawson Lakes. Brotherly bonding at its best as we went out to snap people on the pitch together.

However Jordan was too good for me and we only played three games together in the 4’s before Jordan got the call up and never came back down. It took me two and half seasons to finally break into the 2’s. I had to wait for the good players to move down to Div 4 and the other good players to leave the club or retire. And just when it looked like we would play together again… He had a season ending injury.

While this year for the 2’s has been a tough on the field I have loved being able to play with Jordy on the regular. Getting the KFC crew together after games has been the highlight. No matter the result we have always ended the day with a laugh and another tough season has made that one win was so much more glorious!!

Jordan was worried that his 50 game achievement had been forgotten about but he was once more worried he would break Wiz’s record for longest game streak not scoring. This year he got that monkey of his back with three smooth ball rolls and silky Messi finish. If anyone wants to hear a good story get around him and he will gladly tell you.

All the best for Saturday Jordan!! Well-deserved mark for a much respected Ranger on and off the field! Hopefully Tom does go in goals so I can play in front of you for your 50th.

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