Apr 042019

Congratulations to club legend Simon (Zigga) Zollner who will be playing his 250th game for the Rangers this weekend!

Stats courtesy of the Ranger Info Centre.

Ranger #: 76
Club Debut: 2002
Games: 249
Goals: 36
Premierships (4): Div. 1 (2004), Div. 2 (2010 & 2011)
CSL Cup: Div. 1 (2008)
Best & Fairest: Div. 1 (2006) & Div. 4 (2016)
Players Player: Div. 4 (2016)
Team of the Decade: 1998-2008 (Left-Back)
Life Member Inductee: 2017

Skillfull, class, reliable and loyal – these are just some of the words that come to mind when I think of Zollner.

He lets his football do the talking on the pitch and his three-piece suit off it. Enjoys an ale or two after a game and has a great sense of humour around the lads. Surprised he never received a Drink on Regardless award despite many fine moments. Get him around a poker table with a few beers and you’re in for a ride.

I’ve had the pleasure watching Zollner troll players during the club’s golden years, helping the club secure four trophies while he picked up a few accolades of his own – well deserved.

I don’t think there’s a player that I’ve seen that has been so diverse, score goals, named in the Team of the Decade as a Left-Back and runs circles around players with his silk skills in the midfield – a complete footballer.

Now days, a family man first, he’s teaching the younger generation (his two sons and new Rangers) how it’s done while still managing to support Chelsea FC – devoted.

Grab a beer, sit back, and enjoy your afternoon watching this bloke use opponents as training cones.

Congratulations on reaching 250 games for the mighty Rangers!
– Roshan

Words by Jeremy Appleton

S avvy, smartest player ever
I nspirational
M egs, loves em
O utrageous 1st touch
N et, can find it

Z ebra, please
O ld, he is getting
L imping, NEVER, hard as
L egend of the club N ever gives up
E legant and smooth
R anger for LIFE, T.O.D

Congrats Zolls, sorry to be missing it, we are all better players when you are around us.

– Apples

Words by Ryan Stor

Zollner, Zolls, Zigga, Zig, Zig Pig, Party Pig, Simon, whatever you call this bloke, it doesn’t matter, he’s a gun and deadset legend. His exploits off field regarding beer drinking ability are astounding, just ask anyone that has attended legendary FA Cup or preso nights gone by. But it’s his on field ability where he really shines.

250 games is an amazing effort in every sense, requiring commitment, dedication and a supportive family. However, playing them with the amount of class this bloke has, is just phenomenal. Probably one of the most gifted players in the sense of touch and vision that many of us have had the privilege of playing with. The best part is he’s still making blokes look stupid on the field with deft turns and pinpoint passes. And if you’re going for the same ball, he’ll move you like a wrecking ball does a building.

Any free kick in and around the box, where he often likes to be off field too, are where his arsenal of power, precision or cheeky little dinks onto someone’s run are truly subliminal. When the art of net busting was introduced many moons ago, Zig took it on board and has drilled many home beyond startled keepers.

Zig was an integral part of Division 1 success in both the premiership and CSL cup, generally being one of the first names on the team sheet. Still on top of his game, still an exceptional bloke and still bleeds blue. A guy I’m proud to call a mate.

Get around him!! Go well Zig!!


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