Apr 052019

Congratulations to Sean Collins who will be playing his 50th game for the Rangers this weekend!

Stats courtesy of the Ranger Info Centre.

Ranger #: 380
Club Debut: 2015
Games: 49
Goals: 15
Top Goal Scorer: Div. 4 (2015)

Words by Ben Murphy

Anyone who has ever watched Braveheart will tell you of the legend of the Scottish warrior. Motivated. Keen. Hungry. Eager. Hairy. Incomprehensible. All qualities our own proud scot, Sean has in spades.

Such have been the notoriety of Sean’s exploits on the field of play for Unley since his club debut in 2015, that he has been adorned with the moniker, ‘Hummer’. Striding confidently into the battlefield on a weekly basis (knocking many an unassuming foe to ground for good measure), he has used his trademark skills, timing and aggression to great effect, notching up the leading goal scorer’s award for the 5s in his breakout season and going on to score 15 in all competitions in his 50 games for the Rangers. Many a foe have also been known to be haunted by the recurring nightmare of trying to win an argument against Sean’s interpretation of the rules of the game – lest anyone forget his legal professional background.

Being careful to avoid mentioning Sean’s previous life in the CSL with Pembroke, it’s great to focus on what makes Sean embody the spirit of what it is to play for the Rangers. He’s always in it to win, to support his teammates, to give a jovial ribbing to his opposition, to deftly score goals from impossible angles and to post thinly-veiled homoerotic content to the 5’s Whatsapp group.

Well done on reaching the 50 milestone Sean. Here’s to a great 2019 season.

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