Jul 052019

Congratulations to Mike Davis who will be playing his 50th game for the Rangers this weekend!

Stats courtesy of the Ranger Info Centre.
Ranger #: 405
Club Debut: 2016
Games: 49
Goals: 6
Player’s Player: Div. 5 (2015)

Words by Ben Murphy

Having secured a permanent transfer to the Rangers in 2016, Mike Davis’s amateur footballing career has been on a steady path to redemption following the now infamous ‘A dingo 8 my baby’ incident at a socceroos qualifier at Adelaide Oval a few years back, for which he gained a cult shitadelaide following (exhibit A’ below).

Mike’s enthusiasm for running is both sickening and admirable at the same time. The now part-time marathon runner has stepped up his leadership role in recent years, bringing a chattiness and enthusiasm unrivalled at 10am on a Saturday. In his 50 games, Mike has scored 5 goals (more if you ask him) and won the Player’s Player Award in 2018. His signature chokehold of an annoying opponent at West Beach in 2017 earned him an early shower (his only one) and landed him a bit of his own folklore at the Rangers – a club for which he plays for with passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to the development of his side.

Well done on 50 games Mike!

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