Jul 202019


Congratulations to Joe Fayad who will be playing his 200th game for the Rangers today!

A Ranger I’ve had the pleasure of playing alongside with over 13 years. During that time we’ve see the Club grow and evolve and Joe has stuck by the Club through thick and thin! A proud very Ranger!

Stats courtesy of the Ranger Info Centre.
Ranger #: 199
Club Debut: 2008
Games: 199
Goals: Six
Div. 5 Coach: 2010
Div. 4 Captain: 2012, 2014 and 2015

Words from one Ranger legend to another below from Luke Hylton.

This weekend Joe Fayad plays 200 games for the Unley Rangers. To reach 200 games at any sporting club is an achievement that many of us aspire to and Joe has been a servant for the club across the lower grades for 12 years, Joe has played 100 games for the 4’s and plays his 75th game this week for the 3’s.

Whilst being one of the quieter and more unassuming players at the Rangers many of you might not know how much he has contributed to the Rangers since 2008. I coached Joe for 4 years in the third team of the Rangers. Joe was part of the defence with Troy West and Andrew Slade that remained virtually unchanged for years and was the base for a squad that had immense heart and stood a chance in any game they played.

As a player Joe has applied himself with distinction in defence and grew into an integral part of the thirds squad throughout the ‘Windsor gardens era’. Since 2008 Windsor Gardens 1st team played in the 3rd Division and dominated the division by 2012 they were that dominant they even made the messenger.


Unley had valiantly finished in the top half of the table over that 4-year period in that division, but it became a real challenge for the team to step up every year. Joe was an important member of the group that were consistently competitive but always came back every season to battle it out. Joe was always ready for the challenge and his ability to step up every week and deal with some good forwards was important for the Rangers in my time as coach. Joe was an integral member of the squad that went on to win the Cup 3-0 over Windsor Gardens in 2011.

Joe has always read the game well and contributed to many Ranger wins by being a solid defender, whilst his ambitions to play in defensive midfield are probably still there, as I am sure you will see him trying to link almost impossible passes to teammates with defence splitting balls this Saturday.

Despite Joe’s quiet demeanour his presence has always been one that has put the team first and throughout the years that I have known Joe he has always been a passionate and loyal Unley Ranger, that has helped many teams over the last twelve years be competitive and solid at the back

For many years Joe Fayad was among the first selected in a Rangers Division 3 defence and we should all take a moment to congratulate him for this personal milestone and twelve years later he is still doing it. Well done Joe and I am sure he will be happy to recount his six goals for the club if you ask.

Congratulations Joe on 200 games.

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