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Congratulations to Troy ‘Wiz’ West who plays his 350th game for the Rangers this weekend – the first Ranger to reach this milestone! Geez that’s a lot of football!

Troy has been a dedicated team mate, a great mentor and a loyal friend over the years. If I ever need to discuss Rangers, I know he’s a bloke I can rely on to provide sound advice. He is more than happy to chat all things Rangers, United and football in general with me. I couldn’t be prouder to see him run onto the field this weekend seeing this bloke achieve so much on and off the field. I know wife and kids feel the same way and are just as proud.

You deserve every handshake, beer and accolade that comes your way.

Congratulations mate!

Stats courtesy of the Ranger Info Centre.
Ranger #: 38
Club Debut: 1999
Games: 349
Goals: Three
Div. 3 Captain: 2007
Div. 4 Coach: 135 Games (2006 & 2009-2015)
Executive Committee: 2005-2008
Life Member Inductee: 2014

Words from Ali Gramazio

I joined Rangers in 2007 and at that stage I believe Wiz was coaching an inaugural Div 4 side. I myself was just 18 and although I was playing Div. 3 given the proximity to the other grades I was able to see the affect Wiz has on others as he does today; a positive energy, collective spirit, dry wit and good nature.

Back then Wiz was already fostering a strong team identity and that has carried through and been adopted by various Div. 4, 5 and 6 sides as our club grew beyond belief in the following years.

Over those years many changes occurred at the other end of the club and a changing of the guard was taking place with the original founders filtering down and younger players getting their chance to play higher. All the while Wiz continued his excellent work and in one season in particular built an incredible

Div. 4 side with the perfect mix of youth and experience under his steady guidance. You could always see Wiz on a Saturday at half-time imploring (but not demanding) his players to step up, do better, be more positive and go for it. The perfect breeding ground for those short of confidence or learning the game as well as those more experienced.

Wiz and I became teammates in a new look Div. 3 side and made up part of a back four or left hand side of the team. Wiz now focussing on playing again and not just devoted to coaching too was able to showcase his class as a left back. The racking passes forward, the acrobatic clearances (so to maintain sole use of his left-peg) and his very occasionally rough sliding tackles on the side line were all on show. He has continued in this vein with graceful consistency for the duration of his Ranger career to date and I fully intend for him to do so until he finally hangs up his boots.

Wiz has been a humble and dedicated club servant for his time at Rangers and his diligence and pride in the badge has been transferred to those who have played under him or with him. He’s a vital cog in a well-oiled community football club that exists not only from the contribution of those on a committee or wearing a coach’s jacket, but from those who do that little extra every time they’re around.

Normally in these circumstances I’d wish you good luck for the next 350 games…and although I think that may even be out of your reach I do wish you well on your 350th, and hope that you get as much out of Rangers on field this Saturday (3 points and a goal please) as you have given on and off of it.

Cheers and beers,

– Al

Words from Ryan Stor

Troy West, Wizard, Wiz, Left Back, 350

Loyalty, commitment, durability, dedication, passion.

These are just a few words that come to mind when mentioning Troy ‘Wizard’ West and his time at the Rangers.

Whilst looking at Troy on the field you may think he is a quiet, unassuming bloke who does his job with the utmost of ease. Little do you know that while he’s out there, there is probably the heaviest of heavy metal running through his head and the heartiest of heart Adelaide United chants through his veins, whilst the blood that pumps is the bluest of blues for the Rangers, he’s also a Nottingham Forest fan I believe?

There is no question of his loyalty, commitment etc. to the Rangers, having spent close on 20 years at the place and becoming part of the Ranger legends. Wizard has played, coached, committeed and drunked through many a Ranger year and event. All whilst having the lovely Kate by his side, and now his children, Zac and Annie, to follow in their Father’s footsteps as football lovers. To make it to 350 not only shows his commitment, but the support and love of those by his side.

On the field, there is no other lock to left back than Wizard, hell the guy created the position by showing how it’s done. Any winger that thinks they’ll get the job done on him has another thing coming. Troy’s positioning on running players and balls through is elite and executed with near precision. A unique characteristic Wiz has is his ability to play a long cross or short ball in the channel to running strikers that is of amazing quality. Other than that ‘ting’ from the penalty spot in another milestone game, there has not been blemish on what has been an outstanding career.

For blokes starting out at the club or who have been there a while, this is a Ranger you aspire to be!! Get around the Wizard on Saturday and pat him on the back as we go for a win to celebrate.

Cheers Wiz, love your work and everything you’ve given back to the club.

– Story

Words from Leigh ‘Rowinho Rowan

So I’ve just been told that Wiz is about to play his 350th game for the Rangers, which is, quite frankly a ridiculous amount of games to play for one club. Based on my current level of games played, I may well join him in the year 2045. The thing about playing 350 games is that there are a hell of a lot of write ups about him, so I am well aware that I may well be repeating some of these and may in fact just copy and paste a couple of older paragraphs to make my job a bit easier.

To reach 350 games takes a lot of things, perseverance, commitment, a (completely bewildering) lack of injuries and time. One thing it doesn’t take, as Wiz has well and truly proven, is goal-scoring prowess. With only 3 goals to his name (or 0.00857 goals per game) he definitely sits on the Barry McGuigan end of the goal scoring spectrum.

A rampaging left back, Wiz has shown an incredible ability of keeping up with the much, much younger players in the competition, whilst never really looking like he’s out of 2nd gear. It’s the cool, calm and collected demeanour that he has that means he is continually underestimated and helps him to win most contests he’s in.

I can’t really write much more about Wiz the player, as we haven’t really played too many games together over the last 11 years or so, but off the field he is pretty much the same. A very relaxed personality, we’ve spent many an hour discussing football at Adelaide United games and it continually astounds me that we generally manage to have completely opposing views on most things (of course, he’ generally wrong…).

He doesn’t have many faults, but the most glaring one must be his taste in beer. A big fan of the red can, Wiz displays a side of his personality that most wouldn’t expect from such a respected (sort of), well-spoken member of the community. Perhaps it has something to do with the dodgy neighbourhood he currently resides in?

But good luck for Saturday Wiz (is it this Saturday? Roshan didn’t actually tell me when the match was), I look forwards to watching at least the first 10 minutes of your game (likely with some sort of lower leg injury) if you’re playing at the same venue against some opposition that we have some sort of rivalry with.

And also, make sure you take a penalty so the mighty ping of the crossbar can once again be heard around Ranger Park.

– Leigh

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