Jul 272019

Congratulations to Patrick Sandeman who will be playing his 100th game for the Rangers this weekend!

Stats courtesy of the Ranger Info Centre.
Ranger #: 367
Club Debut: 2014
Games: 99

Words by fellow Ranger Matt Brougham.

Congratulations are in order for Paddy Sandeman who will make his 100th career appearance for the Unley Old Scholars Football Club this Saturday.

There can be no doubt that the role of the goalkeeper is one of the toughest positions on the pitch to fill, fortunately Paddy’s lightning quick reflexes, unbeatable beanpole physique, and casual attitude towards showing up at preseason have made him a natural for the position. He’s played an invaluable role in securing many victories, often pulling off seeming impossible saves from point blank range and causing numerous headaches for opposition strikers. A tendency to rock up five minutes before kick-off has surely resulted in just as many headaches for his teammates but at the end of the day there’s no one else we would rather have between the sticks. Game after game he improves, it’s been a privilege to watch him develop as a player, and an honour to stand beside him each week.

Congratulations on the 100, here’s to 100 more in the future.

Vote Greens. Cheers! Matt

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