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Congratulations to Ryan Stor who plays his 350th game for the Rangers this weekend – the Club record holder for the most goals, and only the second Ranger to reach this milestone in our Club history!

Nothing has changed since he first joined the Rangers in our inaugural season (1998). Loves to score a few goals and get his hand on the golden boot. This season is no difference, he had his hands on the Div. 4 golden boot award (his 11th) by round 14, and one hand on the League Top Scorer (his 2nd) – stop it.

When I first stepped foot onto Ranger Park in 2007, Stor was coaching our Div. 2 side to their first Premiership glory and poaching goals for fun for our Div. 1 side. He later went onto coach back to back Div. 2 Premierships, and continued to be a menace in front of goals. I (along with current Committee members, Ali and Pete) watched and celebrated these golden moments lead by Stor. He’s one the reason us boys got hooked by the Rangers, and never turned back.

He’s always be been a leader and I have notice he still has a passion for coaching – assisting our new recruits during games in real time situations – something that I was privileged to for so many years.

One of the greatest players to wear the Ranger badge. It’s fantastic to share these great memories over the years, as well as seeing you and Claire raise you energetic family with the Rangers in the background – special.

All the best this weekend – you absolute legend!

Stats courtesy of the Ranger Info Centre.
Ranger #: 19
Club Debut: 1998
Games: 349
Goals: 229
Life Member Inductee: 2014
Team of the Decade: 1998-2007
CSL Cup Champion (1): 2008
Div. 1 Premiership Player (1): 1998
Div. 1 League Top Goal Scorer (1): 2009
Div. 1 Top Goal Scorer (5): 1999, 2001, 2008, 2009 & 2011
Div. 2 Coach: 73 Games (2007-09 & 2012)
Div. 2 Premiership Coach (2): 2007 & 2008
Div. 2 Premiership Player (2): 2007 & 2010
Div. 2 Best & Fairest (2): 2005 & 2007
Div. 2 Top Goal Scorer (3): 2002, 2007 & 2016
Div. 3 Top Goal Scorer (1): 2014
Div. 4 Best & Fairest (1): 2018
Div. 4 Top Goal Scorer (1): 2018
Executive Committee: 2006, 2011, 2013-17.

Words from Brenton Howe
As a footballer, Ryan Stor combines ruthless German efficiency with all the style of an Italian opera. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

For many seasons I’ve played beside Ryan and/or had him as my coach in the B grade, and last year it was my turn to coach him. At the start of the season he proudly announced, “I won’t be training this year, but I’m fit as f#$k…” A man of his word, not a single training session but managing to run out 80-90 minutes every week, not to mention claiming both best and fairest and golden boot awards.

It doesn’t take a genius to manage a player like Story though, you put him up front and ensure the ball makes it into the final third – he does the rest. He has an uncanny knack for scoring goals. Sometimes he creates goals himself, with a deft touch or unpredictable burst of speed, however it’s his reading of the game, work rate and genuine quality as an out and out striker that sets him apart. So often he just seems to magically appear in the right spot at the right time to tap home a cross or clean up after a keeper’s fumble. Either way, he possesses an irresistible quality that is so very rare on the football pitch and an absolute pleasure to have on our side. His goal scoring prowess really is underwritten by a German “team first” work ethic and an Italian flair and temperament.

He’s the only guy in all my football career to try to teach me how to dive: “As soon as you draw contact Breno, both legs need to go limp as your upper body continues to fly through the air… Ref! Penalty!” What an artist. Speaking of art, how was the choreography on that ‘el toro’ bull fighter goal celebration?!

Beyond the 90 minutes, Ryan Stor is a full blown Ranger legend. Week in, week out he sets a fine example for his family and for Rangers young and old to follow. We love you mate. Congratulations on cracking 350 games – hell of an effort… seriously. Personally, I recon 400 could be on the cards…

Words from Andrew Richards

Ryan Stor has been on fire for the Unley Rangers over the last couple decades. Banging in goals left right and centre, winning premierships, club awards, league awards and everything else. When you google “what to do when you’re on fire?” You get the Stop, Drop and Roll technique.

Coincidentally this is the exact same technique he uses to win penalties. It’s been very successful and the entire club has benefited from his ability to deceive the ref.

Believe it or not he is actually part Italian

Ryan honestly believes this was a penalty in 2006. You can’t blame him, it’s in his blood. (We were robbed of the World Cup).

Apart from going down like a sack of potatoes in the box I’m not sure I’ve played with someone hungrier for a goal. Don’t ever attempt to take the penalty even if he’s still rolling around on the ground. Even though he’s part midget he will stare you down, snatch the ball and calmly slot it home.

Ryan you are a giant at this club. 350 games, an incredible goal tally, a huge desire to succeed and just generally a really good bloke. I have loved playing alongside you this season and I’ve tried to learn as much as I can about your trade but no one does it like you. You know how to score goals like no other.

I wish you all the best on Saturday and I’m keen as mustard for a few beers after. Congratulations Story. Lots of Love 💕

Words from Troy West

My first memory of Ryan Stor at the Rangers was a particular Thursday night training. During the previous game Story had missed a couple of one on one chances, and the great Dino Mancini spent all night working with him on finishing. Literally all night. And it worked! The leading Ranger goal scorer by miles and miles, there’s no one you would rather want with the ball in the box. An uncanny ability to get in behind defenders, every time he gets the ball you get the feeling he’s either going to score, or be brought down for a penalty. And then when he does win a penalty, you’d put your house on him scoring.

The Rangers are lucky to have had someone like Ryan at the club for so long, and we’re probably not going to have another player like him any time soon. And that goal scoring record is unlikely to ever be beaten. Unless, of course, one day Oscar and Felix take his place!

Go well in your 350th mate – it’s a pretty exclusive club, and it has been an absolute honour to have had the chance to play alongside you the last couple of years!

Words from Steve Pipicella

An open letter to our dearest Ryan (and well… you too Troy) –“Stop. Enough is enough”

29 August 2018

Dear Ryan (and Troy),

There comes a time when blokes stop playing the sport they’ve grown up with. Most blokes get to their mid-30s… get fat(ter), or get married, or have kids, or have 4 shoulder surgeries (Hi Daniel). Something generally kicks them up the arse and enforces the mercy rule. But somehow, you have not waivered. Despite tackling all of the aforementioned (substitute your back surgery for Daniel’s salada biscuit shoulders) you carry on. Defying the parameters that are enforced on most of those who eventually have no choice but give in.


You have now moved one fixture away from 350 league games. Only been done once before, has it. And by some rough calculation that my brain has just formulated after 2 coffee’s and no beer, you can add around 70-80 cup games and perhaps 100 or so friendlies (and the trainings, my Christ the trainings). We’re probably talking 500 times of you pulling on blue shirts clouted by a range pub sponsors, and those forever struck with the Unley Rangers logo. It’s a record that’s reminiscent of Patrick Kluivert’s durability in CM97-98. You just keep turning up. And you just keep banging them in.


In anticipation of Roshan covering off your comical set of statistics in grander detail, I, on behalf of the audience, can point to the non-numbers related issues. There are premierships as a player and coach, cup winning medals (we were collectively excellent that day. At least in celebration) and an uncanny knack of knowing where the rectangular things are that are backed with a net (still speaking collectively). It appears as though you are not a crap cask wine as this season is you are most prolific in front of goal for 10 years. Which is astounding given that the blokes providing you the ball this season include Chris Zotti.

We can see that pulling on the shirt is always a proud moment (In my eyes, its mostly because I think it gives you that 4 seconds of being topless while changing – not you Troy). You grow a half a foot when you take the field for the rangers. You always have (and needed to). A fighting attitude washes across your demeanour. No stepping backwards. Chest puffed out. Let’s f**king get this. And anyone that’s taken to the field with you is probably aware that you’re the most likely outlet to a goal. It’s as much down to determination as it is ability. Sausage rolls aren’t something the Rangers have been blessed with over the journey, but your results and numbers stack up better than anyone. Quite ridiculously, you have around 70 more Ranger goals than the next bloke on the list (g’day Bazman). 70… 7-0. Having so seamlessly introduced Baz into my piece (phrasing), it’s worth noting that if you were playing against the Rangers back in the day, these two were a deadest f**king pain in the arse to deal with. What’s changed, some might ask?

These days we see the father, the ever entertaining foursome, the world’s most blonde Italian. And there’s also the west end. And the vulgar hatred for pale ale. This is also why we, the writers, love you.


–         Most likely snag man? Definitely.
–         Up for a scrap? 100%.
–         Had more rolls on the floor than a Bakers Delight outlet? Hold my beer.
–         Still has Miller Chill in the shed? When will it end.
–         Born offside? Unclear.
–         Is this me just potting other blokes? Is it f*ck


For the love of all things statistical. Enough of this. Just stop. Please. (You too Troy).

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