Sep 102020

A mix bag of results from Round 11 across the grades.

A’s v North City FC: 3-0 Down.
A disappointing day for the A’s. A tough match, on the road in the middle of nowhere. The coach’s verdict said it all ‘The opposition were far superior across the park.’ Unley had their chances but were not clinical.

The focus turns to Pulteney away at Ranger Park to bounce back for Round 12.

B’s v North City FC: 0-4 Win (Report by O. Asbanu).
⚽️: T. Theodoulou, M. Evans, A. Kolovos & M. Rodbourn.

The game started pretty slow for Rangers, and North City took advantage of the Ranger’s slow start and dominated in the first 15 minutes. The Rangers’ top goalkeeper, Lucas Theodoulou, had to make three brilliant saves within the first 15 minutes. It seemed like the Lion of Africa were too fast for us. If it wasn’t for Lucas De Gea, we would have been down by a goal before 10 minutes.

About 20 minutes into the first half, the Rangers were awarded a free kick about 30 meters out from the box. Our tough midfield, Bacelle, stepped up and took responsibility for the free kick. With his great technique and skill he delivered the ball with full backwards spin which gave speedy Matthew time to sprint first to a perfect bounce ball to header it into the back of the net. Matthew sent the goal keeper to the ground, and the ball in the air to hit the back of the net.

The Rangers’ first attempt on target was a goal. At this stage, there was only one option for North City: to play up the tempo and ‘roughy toughy’ in their own hard pitch. But our six and eight worked so hard – Andrew (who replaced Bacelle not long after the goal) and Jason Lange shut down those runners from midfield.

The game entered about the 25 minute mark, and as tradition in B team, in came Oscarinho the game changer. Jogo Bonito was introduced into the game by the coach, Luke Guardiola. Oscar made immediate impact and we won a throw in, leading to a great combo between Oscar and Andrew. This finished with Andrew’s shot that sent the goal keeper to dive and push the ball and won us a corner. Oscarinho took it with a perfect C shape technique as Emlyn described it, the floating ball was looking for either Nathaniel, Mathew Evans, or Ari. Of all of those players in the box, it was Ari who made connection with the ball. Bang! A thunder header as usual from Ari – wow! Now rangers were up by two goals. North City were more aggressive with rough football but Rangers stood their ground.

Into the break Rangers 2 – North City 0.

Luke Guardiola made some tactical changes. Rangers went back into the second half with confidence, looking for an earlier goal on counter attack. Then about five minutes after the game started, Rangers won a free kick in our own half. Arie stepped up and took the free kick with his left foot swing. Oscarinho had recently by chance talked about left foot with Ari, so Oscarinho knew exactly where the ball would land and where he would put it. Ari’s left boot swing sent the ball spinning in the air, which made the defender misjudge it just outside the box. Oscarinho had a vision far before the ball got there, and all he needed to do was just hit the ball first time with the Capoeira technique, send the ball up high spinning in the air towards the far corner, making it difficult for the goal keeper to see and adjust. The goalkeeper made a save on the top corner but the ball hit the underside of the bar and bounced back towards incoming Matthew Evans ahead of his marker and he slotted the ball into an empty net at this stage. Gooaaaal!!!!  Rangers were up by three goals.

Rangers continued to play beautiful football. North City kept attacking and they won about 5 free kicks just outside the box. North City tried to provoke a rough game and came out strong with some free kicks on the edge of the box but it didn’t endanger our top goalkeeper Lucas.  He performed really well and managed top saves, one after another. Our solid midfield, Andrew, and top defender, Nathaniel, had to step out for the A’s. But this did not change our solid 4 defenders. These four guys gave North City forward a hard time, especially Mauricio, or Ari, not to mentioned Cam and Emlyn. It was just cool bananas on the back line. Our front line kept attacking and gave North City lots of problems.

For the last 15 minutes of the game, The Rangers kept dominating. One stag, Speedy Mathew, beat the opponent defender and crossed the ball for Tom, who slotted the ball home into empty net. Gooooaaaallll. 4 -0 definitely game over by now. It was only 5 minutes to go. Only a miracle will save North City from losing the game. North City players didn’t like how Tom wanted to celebrate his goal. So North City no 4 elbowed Tom inside his own goal, sending Tom down to the ground. Throughout the game North City kept pressing but they could not break Rangers’ defensive wall, which was command by Ari and Emlyn supported by Lucas under the bar.

The Rangers walked home with 3 points and showed North City Jogo Bonito with a 4-0 win.

‘Mui Bien -Jogo Bonito’ Quote from Luke Guardiola and Cam G after the game.

Come on you Rangers.

C’s v Pembroke OS: 1-4 Down (Report by J. Choi).
⚽️: H. Watson.
It was a great day to play football with the weather being perfect. We were pumped and ready to play football.

In the first half, Pembroke was given a freekick outside of the box. While we were setting up a wall, Pembroke decided to kick it before the referee blows the whistle and the referee accepted the goal. Their 2nd goal was scored when there were about 10 minutes before the half time.

In the second half, they scored two more extra goals. We were awarded a freekick outside the box. With the cross from the freekick, Harvey was able to receive it and score it into the goal.

The match ended with the score 4-1 and it was a huge improvement when we versed them last time.

D’s v Pembroke OS: 2-1 Win.
⚽️: S. Collins & J. Rochford.
After reviewing the report (95% had to be redacted), a quick summary has been provided below.

  • Opponents scored in the first half time.
  • HT: 0-1 down to the good guys during a tightly contested match.
  • Paddy saved a penalty. Game changing.
  • Jesse scored in the 70th minute mark.
  • Sean scored a pen against his former Club in 90th minute. Sweet revenge.
  • The Rangers held onto an important win and (all but) securing 2nd spot against one of our fiercest revivals.
  • Beers taste 100% better when you beat Pembroke.

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