Jan 102011


As many of you already know, the pre-season has begun for those players intending on playing Dvision 1 this season. This is a reminder to all players who are keen to have a crack at the higher grades this season, that training will re-commence as of this Wednesday 12 January, at Black Forest Reserve from 6:30pm. All players are welcome to come and join the sessions and mix it with the new coach. It is strongly recommended that all players hoping to play in Division 1 and 2 attend from Wednesday and begin preparation. Should you intend to play Division 1 or 2 this season and are unable to attend, please contact James Smith on his mobile (0488 038 480)

For those of you content to sit it out in the higher grades, a further notification will arrive soon which outlines the Meet and Greet for all coaches aswell as information relating to the ever important AGM which is a crucial night in the clubs administration and operation.

A map to Black Forest Reserve is enclosed:

A Copy of the pre-season schedule can be found on the website in the previous post.

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  1. cant wait to get right back into it!

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