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PrintWelcome to the Unley Old Scholars Football Club website, home of the mighty Unley Rangers……..

The Unley Old Scholars Football Club is a club established by the players, for the players. The club prides itself on offering a fun, safe, inclusive environment for all members & supporters to participate. Known as the Unley Rangers, the club is structured to allow all members and supporters the opportunity to be involved in making OUR club the best it possibly can be.

The Unley Old Scholars Football Club has been a competitive force in the South Australian Collegiate Soccer League since 1998. Started by Dino Mancini and a group of UHS Old Scholars he coached throughout High School, the Rangers have grown from 16 players to over 80 current players, and is one of the largest clubs in the league. Over the years the club has grown by developing old scholars and local talent, from fielding one team back in 1998 to now fielding five teams across all divisions in the Collegiate Soccer League.

Unley’s first club premiership came in its inaugural year in 1998. This was a perfect indication of a well organised club whose hard work had paid off immediately and was just a sign of success in years to come. In 1999 Unley fielded a second team to compete in the A1 & B1 Divisions, in 2002, a third team was entered into the A2 division and in 2007, a fourth team entered into the A2 division.

In 2004 Unley’s A grade took out the premiership in the A1 Division and in 2007 & 2008 won back to back premierships in the B1 Division along with the CSL Cup, and then followed that up with another win in the B1 Division in 2010. Along with numerous carnival titles and runners up, Unley is a consistent and hard working club in the Collegiate League which respects, and is respected by the competition year in year out.

Located at the grounds of Unley High School (Ranger Park), the club is always welcoming new talent as it strives to continue on with the success it has shown since 1998. Unley’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere coupled with our continuing support from the local community, make it the perfect club to be involved with and have a bit of fun along the way. Games are played on Saturday afternoons at colleges and schools across Adelaide.

For any more information or to get involved email the club at admin@unleyrangers.com.au.

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