James Kakogianis – 50 Games

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Sep 032021

Congratulations James Kakogianis who play his 50th game for the Rangers this weekend.

Stats courtesy of the Ranger Info Centre.
Ranger #:
Club Debut: 2019
Games: 50

Words by Coach – Andrew Richards

The KAKOGIANIS brothers. Steve and James. They look nothing a like but still 90% of the club don’t know which one is which. (James has long hair and is much better looking than Steve…..much, much better looking).

James started his Ranger career as a quiet, polite and reserved bloke. Today he is slightly less quiet, polite and reserved. It took a whole season before I heard his voice. And I remember exactly what he said. “Richo I have to leave training early”…….”Nona is cooking dinner”.

Playing wise he is also slowly coming out of his shell. Against Pembroke this year he nailed their star (Div 1A) player in a tackle, then stood over him and gave him a verbal earful. I was so proud of how far this lad had come and how he was finally developing a confident aggressive side. Only problem was 20 seconds later that same player he sprayed scored on him and returned the earful of sarcastic compliments.

From a coach’s point of view James has been great in the C grade. He’s relaxed, he can play any position on the park and he gets along with everyone and has gained respect from his teammates. He’s been played in most positions this year but has recently locked down the left back role. Which he is dominating. Congratulations James on 50 games for the Unley Rangers. Look forward to seeing you play for many more years and winning more trophies your brother Steve. Go well Saturday mate.

Still waiting for an invite to Nonas house.