Nov 042019

To the Ranger family,

On 3 November 2019, Unley Old Scholars FC held its’ 21st Annual General Meeting with our Major Sponsor, Torrens Arms Hotel.

During the meeting, I provided members with a review of the Clubs 2019 operations, on-field performances for each division, a summary of the Club finances, as well as hearing from our newly appointed first team coach – Spiros Simeonaskis.

I also informed members I will be stepping down as President and highlighted some of our achievements during my term.

The Club has overcome great adversity since I took over the helm. We have invigorated the Clubs culture to a new generation of younger players and supporters, expanded the Club’s imagine by reaching out to more networks, secured more sponsors, achieved financial stability, reconnected with our roots (Unley HS) and improved the experience at various club functions for our members such as quiz night, world cup night and presentation night. I am extremely proud of the way we have tackled challenges head on, and gone about our business to accomplish these milestones.

I have been very fortunate to have held various senior positions over the past ten years, working with a dedicated group of people on and off the field during this time. I would like to thank my family, friends and fellow Rangers for their support, advice and loyalty regardless of the position I have held, or the direction the Club was heading.

I am delighted to announce Alessandro Gramazio will be the 5th Club President heading into next season.

As most of you know, Ali is a passionate and dedicated club man. He has been a Ranger for 13 years (12 of those on the Committee) and has worn various hats during this time including, Captain, Squad Manager and Vice-President. He wants everyone to see the Club the way he does – he bleeds blue and wears his emotions on his shoulders. This was evident when awarded the 2019 Dino Mancini Award for his service. There is no doubt he is the right person to lead the Club into season 2020 and beyond. I will continue to be a member of the Committee as an Associate for one final year to ensure there is a seamless handover as the Club transitions with Ali at the head of the table.

For those who were unable to attend the AGM, the newly formed Executive Committee members are;

Alessandro Gramazio     – President
Peter Akakios               – Treasurer
Warwick Deller-Coomb  – Secretary
Roshan Wilson              – Associate
Ari Kolovos                   – Associate
James Polacek             – Associate
Richard Hopkins            – Associate
Spiro Athanasopoulos   – Associate
Thomas Theodoulou      – Associate
Tristan Owen                 – Associate

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ryan Griffith and Will Longshaw for their time and service on the Committee over the years.

Congratulations to Garry Powers, Steve Pipicella and John McQueen who were all unanimously voted as Life Members by fellow members. Over the years, these three have played various on and field roles that have made the Rangers a better place. All three were shocked and honoured by the induction when I contacted and congratulate them on behalf of the Club.

Unbeknown to me, fellow Committee members had secretly discussed and approved my nomination as a Life Member. I was also shocked and truly honoured to be endorsed by fellow Rangers during the meeting.

Finally, as we look towards season 2020, the Committee has already locked in some of our sponsors, appointed coaches for all four divisions, drafted the preseason schedule, pencilled in events, designing new kits, and begun executing our recruitment strategy to bolster our playing squad. Ali also provided an overview of some of his ideas that the new Committee will be aiming to achieve to ensure the Club has every chance to succeed in the near future.

Next year is a new season with new challenges and new goals. I am positive and confident the coaches, players and committee will continue to work hard, support one another, and help fulfil its’ full potential with on-field success just around the corner.

Thank you again, and go you Rangers!

Roshan Wilson
Unley Old Scholars FC

New Inducted Life Members below: G. Powers, S. Pipicella and J. McQueen.

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