Nov 102020

Ranger Family,

It’s been a funny old year and I hope all of you are enjoying a hard earned rest and playing some casual comps over summer to keep (relatively!) fit.

The AGM this year will be held on Sunday 29th November, 1pm, at the Edinburgh Hotel in the Victoria Room.

It will also include our Christmas Drinks for the year so feel free to bring family and friends. During the AGM we will let members know of committee members stepping down and new members coming on board. We will also talk about finances, coaching and outlook for the season 2021. This is also a time when life membership is passed for long standing members nominated.

This season two people have been nominated for life membership:

  • Alessandro Gramazio
  • Peter Akakios

Over the last 12 months Richard Hopkin has been working to update our constitution here at the club. A copy of the document is below with a summary of the resolution. Thank you Rich for your work.

Resolution to adopt a new constitution

Under rule 18 of the Club’s constitution, the constitution can be substituted for a new constitution by special resolution of the members.

The Committee seeks member approval to adopt a new constitution. The constitution has not been updated since the foundation of the club in 1998 and therefore requires amendments to update the language in the rules and to reflect some of the changes in how the Club operates.

In particular, we have:

  1. Removed powers of Unley High School in relation to the Club, as these are redundant.
  2. Clarified forms of membership.
  3. Clarified the procedure for suspension and expulsion of members.
  4. Expanded on the election process for the committee and the roles of treasurer, secretary and president.
  5. Provided for the holding of electronic AGMs.

A copy of the draft constitution is attached to this notice.

The constitution will be put to the members for discussion, following which the AGM will hold a vote on whether to adopt the constitution.

If the resolution is passed, the new constitution will take effect from the end of the AGM.

What is a special resolution?

A special resolution is required to substitute the Club’s constitution. In order for a special resolution to be passed, 75% of the members present at the meeting and eligible to vote must vote in favour of the resolution.

During the AGM the new constitution, committee members and life membership nominations will all be considered by all present members.

We look forward to seeing you all at the end of the month.

Ranger Committee

Link: UOSFC Inc Rules of Association [Draft]

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