Jul 162021

Congratulations Warwick Deller-Coombs who play his 100th game for the Rangers this weekend.

Stats courtesy of the Ranger Info Centre.
Ranger #: 381
Club Debut: 2015
Games: 100
Goals: 13
D’s Best & Fairest: 2018
Dino Mancini Shield: 2018
Club Secretary: 2018-2021
Executive Committee: 2016-2021
UHS Graduate: 2002

Words by Club President – Ali Gramazio

Warwick “Waz” Deller-Coombs 100 games
Waz moved across from what amateur league shit-show to join the mighty Rangers nearly 6 years ago. In times like these when I get the chance to reflect on a player and club man it surprises you; it feels as if Waz has been around for a lot longer.

That’s a testament to his character, as a professional and diligent committee member, teammate and family man. He has, as much as anyone, championed the family friendly qualities of Rangers and to amplify them so that many other Ranger families can enjoy not just the football, but the club as a whole.

As a player Waz has played in nearly every division and I would say he’s predominantly a goal preventer rather than a goal scorer! He plays with the commitment and passion truly required at this club and has played wherever he’s asked to with, generally, a minimum of fuss! He’s a fantastic teammate and a vocal member of any squad, helping share knowledge with younger players and never shy to put an arm around you.

Off field he’s been one of the key members of the committee for a long time, definitely not confined to his role as club secretary he has had influence and input in nearly every facet of the club and is integral to the long term vision and prosperity of the Rangers. Many of the grandest plans the club has planned or undertaken would have been much more difficult without his hard work.

I’ve played with him, had beers with him, kicked blokes with him, turned snags and dragged marquees. He’s been a great doer and that is a massive part of being a volunteer at a great club like ours. Thank you Waz, for your continued efforts and commitment to the Rangers. Good luck on your 100th! Looking forward to many more games!

Big love, Pres

Words by Roshan Wilson

In his short time at the Club since his debut in 2015, Warwick has achieved a fair amount.

Like majority of the Clubs volunteers, he has put the needs of others in-front of his. When I was President, Warwick one the key blokes I would turn to for sound advice and ask to take on additional roles on top of current duties.

He has worn a few hats over the years including Vice-Captain, Executive Committee and Club Secretary. Six years at the Club, and five of those on the Committee. Outstanding. He has helped secure sponsors, ensured club events are well organised, and always looking to improve the experience for players and supporters. Warwick has performed these duties while juggling his work, raising a young family, and making sure he still has a presence on the field. His efforts were recognised after being awarded the Dino Mancini Shield in 2018 for his service to the club.

He puts just as much enthusiasm on the field. This bloke always puts the Club first, doesn’t bother who he plays against, which position, or division, he’s just proud to put on the blue kit, and play alongside his fellow Rangers. He has managed to find the net 13 times, making dashing runs down the wing to be in scoring positions (Round 13, 2019, Unley v Cardijn, 4-0 win comes to mind).

Warwick wants everyone to see the Club the way he does – he bleeds blue and continues to have a vision for the Club where we can grow and prosper. This will never change. The Club is in good hands, and we are all very lucky to have him at the Rangers. Thanks for being such a great friend, teammate, and all-round legend. Good luck this weekend, Go You Rangers!

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