Player Code




1.1 By registering with the Unley Old Scholars Football Club Inc., players make themselves eligible to be selected to play in any team the Unley Old Scholars Football Club Inc. nominate on any given match day for that season.

1.2 All the players, of all teams, are expected to demonstrate a satisfactory level of dedication and respect towards their team and their coach, cooperating to the best of their abilities to meet their team and the clubs’ needs. Players are expected to participate in training and games on a regular basis with a positive attitude, regardless of the weather conditions and arriving not later than the scheduled time. Should they not be able to fulfil such expectations in any circumstances, they should communicate their impediment to their coach or assistant coach as soon as possible and accept eventual consequences and decisions. Players, who for any reason, arrive later than the designated time (as allocated by their coach) to a game without communicating with their coach, will risk not being included in the starting 11.

1.3 All coaches, players and committee members are expected to act, in all circumstances, in a loyal and constructive manner towards the club, committee members, coaching staff, opposition, supporters and team mates. In case of grievance, disagreement etc. a strict policy on who to contact must be observed. Selection grievances should be directed to the Squad Manager. Administrative matters should be directed to the President in the first instance or a committee member should the President be unavailable. Technical matters should be directed to the coach. Under no circumstances should any member of the UOSFC approach individuals other than those indicated for dispute resolution.
1.4 Any form of undermining (defined as actions that weaken the position of a club official, including coaches, committee members etc.) will not be tolerated. The person(s) determined to be undermining a club official (as decided by the UOSFC Committee) will be notified (by the President) a first time informally and a second time officially. Any further notice will coincide with a special committee meeting to be called and if decided by popular vote of the UOSFC Committee, the person(s) risks immediate expulsion from the club. This is valid for all club members (players, coaches, staff, committee…) alike.

1.5 Any club official or member, who in any situation is unsure on how a matter should be handled, should contact the Club President.


2.1 Players who for any reason cannot attend a team event (training, games) must contact their coaches, assistant coaches or squad manager as soon as possible.

2.2 Players are required to attend one training session per week. Players who are unable to train due to ongoing work commitments are still eligible for selection based on all other criteria outlined in the Section 4. However players in this situation can expect less playing time than those players who train regularly. Players in this situation should clearly communicate to the squad manager and/or coach as soon as it is known. This will be communicated to the playing group as required. Players in this situation should maintain their own physical training and make every attempt to attend training when not working.

2.3 Injured players are encouraged to attend trainings, in accordance with the advice of any relevant medical practitioner, unless prevented by the injury. If unable to complete any given drill a player is encouraged to complete lighter duties which may be discussed with a relevant coach if convenient. Attendance at matches is encouraged unless injury prevents or an exemption granted by the relevant coach.

3.1 No player (other than coaches playing in the same grade they coach) shall spend more than two consecutive matches starting on the bench. Following two consecutive matches starting on the bench a player must either start the next game for that team or be placed in a lower grade and included in the starting 11 of the lower grade. Coaches playing in the same grade they coach (where applicable) have a responsibility which is primarily as a coach in the first instance and a player as a second priority regardless of whether they have just moved down a grade. The club has an expectation for these coaches to start games on the bench (unless otherwise negotiated) unless a player shortage has become evident.

3.2 Coaches should assess whether and how often players do not comply with the outlined expectations and, where applicable, take adequate and reasonable measures in a respectful fashion. The coaches or the assistant coaches should always clearly communicate to the players the reason for any disciplinary action.


4.1 Player selection shall mainly be based on, but not limited to the following: Performance (match day and/or training), technical/tactical ability, attitude, discipline, commitment (inclusive of subs payment), fitness/injury, positional/tactical requirements of relevant team/s, playing time requirements of individual players, training attendance and punctuality.

4.2 The process of squad selection shall be conducted by the coaches in numerical order from Division 1 and flowing downwards. Selection shall not be influenced by any figure other than the coach from that division unless the squad manager is willingly consulted for their opinion.
4.3 It is the responsibility of the coaches, assistant coaches, squad manager and club secretary to finalise the squads for all playing teams on completion of the training session each week. Where possible, squads will be read out at the end of training and posted on the UOSFC website on the Friday. If a player misses the training session of the week it is their responsibility to notify the club as outlined in 2.1 and then check the website or contact the squad manager to find out details about where/if/who they are playing. The squad manager will not be following up availability and it will be the responsibility of the player to advise accordingly.

4.4 When a player is to dropped/promoted to a lower/higher grade (can include being placed outside all squads) coaches must communicate in person (or via other devices if applicable) to the affected player/s the reasoning behind the decision at the training session of the week prior to squads being announced. THIS MAY NOT OCCUR IF PLAYER IS ABSENT FROM TRAINING.

4.5 Players shall move in a numerical order up or down divisions. This does not apply to players in the goalkeeper position or player/coaches.

4.6 Players going down a division for a reason other than a disciplinary matter MUST be included in the starting 11 for that game. This does not apply to player/coaches (see 3.1).

4.7 On occasion players may be selected for two squads per match day when the need arises. This will only occur if there are not enough players and/or goalkeepers to fill all teams.


5.1 Assistant coaches and coaches must ensure that players do not experience the influence of any figure external to their teams, in relation to the instructions of their coach. Within reason players should be separated from spectators or any figure external to their team (including parents, relative, friends, club officials etc.) during practice sessions and primarily on match day. Coaches should ensure that substitute players sit on the bench (where applicable) or remain in close proximity of the team’s officials during games and away from the forming crowd.

5.2 All coaches must remain concerned with their own team ONLY during practice, the selection process and on match day while placing great emphasis in complying with the Unley Old Scholars Football Club Selection Procedures & Code of Conduct.

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