Drink on Regardless Award

This is awarded to a member of the Club that was involved in a funny and/or unusual incident during the season.

1999 PARKIN Ben Red Cards & Losses
2000 BROWN Tarkin Bounce has got him
PUTRIC Justin Happy Gilmore
2001 ESPOSITO Vinnie Half Mongrel
2002 TANN Adam Full Mongrel
2003 McALLISTER Geoff & Chicks With Dicks
HOLT Byron
2004 BRYSON Robin One Minute Wonder
2005 WOODS Ron Caught With His Pants Down
2006 WILLIAMS Harry Sent off From the Bench
2007 BRANDON Austin Drive on Regardless
2009 GRAMAZIO Ali Chair Rage
2010 RODBOURN Matthew Penalty Misses x 3
2011 BROWN Tarkin Smashed Window
2012 PORTER Daniel Un-Handy Effort
2013 RODBOURN Matthew Martin Sharp Mirage Voting
2014 CONNOLLY Brendan Argument with a deck chair
2015 VOIGT Josh Smashing Quizzardry
2016 SIMMONS Jordan Counting the Suspension
2017 WILSON Roshan Is that Bruce Jenner?
2018 NEWMAN Rhys Blind Ambition
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